wedding hairstyles for short hair

When it comes to wedding hairstyles there’s no wrong and right, simply a difference in preference. Don’t become overloaded with ideas from different bridal magazines or what your friends and family think will suit you; remember it’s your big day and your choice.

If you go for simplicity over glamour in your everyday life, then the same should be said of your wedding dress and your hair and makeup. The key to a good wedding is in the planning and the same can be said of the bridal hair styles. You need to discuss your wedding hair styles with your stylist as soon as possible in order to practice and get the right style.

If you have short hair then do not feel like you necessarily need to grow your hair for your wedding. Of course having shorter hair does limit the amount of styles that you can try out, but this does not mean that short hair does not make for a good bridal hair style. Just think of Halle Berry with her ultra-feminine short curls!

When it comes to wedding hair styles, short hair is definitely easier to style but there are less fancy styles that are available to you. However, in many cases the key lies in the accessories to help liven up the style. With short bridal hair styles it is best to keep the style cute, chic and simple and let the hair accessories speak for themselves.

There is definitely something about short styles that scream elegance so they are perfect for the chic, sophisticated bride. Lastly, make sure you think about the line, density and texture of your gown when choosing your wedding hair style.


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