Mid-Week Beauty Masterclass: How to clean and care for your False Eyelashes

Hello my lovelies :) I scheduled this post as I will be at a wedding while you're reading it :) This week, I will show you how I clean my false eyelashes and preserve them for another few uses rather than using them just once and dispose of them.  This is also a great tip for saving some money with the more expensive falsies.  I honestly do not wear falsies much but when I wear them, I tend to clean them the day after as after a night out I would be too tired to clean my falsies :p 

What you will need:

~ Paper Towel
~ Brow/lash Comb
~ Small fan brush
~ Tweezers
~ Eye Make-Up Remover
~ Small plastic container
~ dirty false lashes


1. Pour a little eye make-up remover into the plastic container and put in a pair of the dirty lashes.

2. Leave the lashes to soak in the make-up remover for a couple of minutes.

3. Carefully, take one lash out at a time by means of tweezers and place on the paper towel.

4. Dip the small fan brush in the make-up remover and remove mascara from the lashes. Put the lash back in the container and repeat until no more mascara comes off.  Do the same with the other lash.  Remember to clean the underside of the lashes as well.

5. Take off any left-over lash glue with your fingers.

6. Brush the lashes through with the lash comb to separate them.

7. Store the lashes back in their original case and voila'! Lashes are clean again and ready for another use!

Steps 1 - 4

Steps 5 & 6

Step 7

I hope you found this post informative :) If you have a different method as to how you clean your falsies, do let me and other followers know :)


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