Day 16 - A Picture Of Someone Who Inspires You

Day 16
A picture of someone who inspires you.

My Favorite YouTube Beauty Beauty Guru!! Asahi aka manwomanfilm!! She's My Number 1!! Asahi is so creative, silly and unique! Makeup, outfits and her personality. A True Artist! She is a dancer and a performer she also enjoys video editing production. I love watching her makeup tutorials! She's BEAUTIFUL!!! ^_^

I'm showing more then one picture! LOL! + videos
(Pictures are screen shot by me)
 (Videos are place here for viewing purposes only)
Makeup Ethnic エスニックメイク
She really got me on this one. I love the look and how she made the head band and jewelries. She's the BEST on my list!
Makeup Flower Garden / 花畑メイク
 I really like this creative look she made. Flowers! I'm going to make my own flower wig soon! LOL! Can't wait ^_^
Super Sexy Valentine's Makeup ~ red glitter lips ~
 Super sexy with the red glitters lips and the eyes! Beautiful...
Super Cute Valentine's Makeup ~ stickers on lashes ~
This one is so cute! ^_^ She's so very creative with the heart stickers on lashes. KAWAII!!!


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