Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles

Men have come a long way in how they express themselves in their appearance. They are now taking their appearance more seriously than they ever have and many are turning to Hollywood heartthrobs for inspiration. One favorite amongst men is Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyles. Whether you like the pretty boy retro style he sported in Titanic, or the more rugged heartthrob look in later years, you can easily achieve his look.

Leonardo DiCaprio HairstylesThe perfect facial shape for this look is a baby-face just like Leo. Alternatively, it will accentuate angular features. A square jaw and rugged appearance will be complimented by the bowl style cut. Your hair-color is not of the essence here, as the color does not really affect the look.

Leonardo DiCaprio HairstylesTo create the bowl haircut that Leo became famous for, you will need some pomade, styling gel, straightening balm and facial hair clippers. This perfectly cut hairstyle is versatile and can be brushed away from your face for sophisticated events or you could use a pomade to define the wispy bands for day-to-day boy-next-door looks.

Leonardo DiCaprio HairstylesIn the back, the hair is cut short and allowed to grow out on the sides and on top. This allows for casual parting of the hair. It also lets the side fringes hang casually. Straight hair is preferable for this style, but if your hair is unruly, you could add some straightening balm. Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles and wardrobe have been a hit for all this time. Looking at his historical hair montage online is testimony to this fact (Adam Burhan).


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