Bill Kaulitz Hairstyles

Bill Kaulitz hairstyles is very popular today. Who is Bill Kaulitz? He is the founder of Tokio Hotel, which is a famous rock band. He is a style icon for many teenagers. He has some pretty outrageous hairstyles, but that is his signature look, just like Lady Gaga has her signature looks. He always matches his hair with a rocker outfit, which makes it look even more unique. He has made a pretty big hit in the music industry and has won more than two awards.

Bill Kaulitz HairstylesHe has an extra large hairstyle. This style has been teased and fixed until it looks perfect. For a little refreshing, he has dyed his hair black. He also has some white strands in it, which really stand out. He started out with a short EMO haircut, which got changed into the big black bohemian hairstyle. The spikes has never left, the fringe has stayed long and they only got bigger.

Bill Kaulitz HairstylesThe extreme lion hairstyle is his signature look. To get the complete style, he matches his whole look with emo makeup. His makeup is always heavy on his face as he has lots of black around the eyes. The lion style is a layered hairstyle that looks a lot like a lions mane. To keep this look, he definitely has to straighten his hair. This matches his oval face perfectly. While it may be strange, it is still a modern hairstyle that definitely makes a statement (Arjuna Bravia).

Bill Kaulitz HairstylesBill Kaulitz Hairstyles


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