Hair Color Trends 2012

I clearly can't stay up to date on a 30 day challenege. Ugh. Im giving up on that for now. I will try it again.

This weeks blog is about 2012 Hair Color Trends. What kind of color are you looking to get? A few highlights? Some red? Add some black for a more edgier look? What about an ombre color?
An ombre color is pretty much where it fades from dark (at the roots) to a lighter color on the ends. I have only seen the ombre color on hair a little longer than the shoulders. I think it looks really nice.

this is a example of an ombre color.

Some people are adding red to their hair. This is another example of adding the red to the hair. This is also a peek-a-boo with the red kind of looking like its under the hair.

I have seen a lot of people are adding crazy colors to their hair, like purple or pink. In these cases make sure you have a very good color safe shampoo and conditioner. Also if you get a crazy color when you wash your hair wash it in cold water. It helps keep the color to stay shiny and bright!

Well thats it for today I dont want to write a blog thats super long. Just a quick fun read, any questions you can always email me!


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