Short Trendy Hairstyles

This year is all about flaunting the real YOU. With the transformation of a beautiful girl next door image into a commanding business woman, a new genre of woman has come into existence. A woman who is strong, determined, aggressive, powerhouse of talent and yet gorgeous. With this shift in image, the short haircuts that were considered a fashion faux pas in the recent past, have emerged as short trendy hairstyles. 

Men have always kept their hair short. So, it comes as a shock that most men have ventured out and explored their options and possibilities of having a funky hairstyle. Short trendy hairstyles for men have gained popularity because of its sheer importance in the world of fashion. Well styled and well dressed celebrities have been donning short trendy hairstyles. If you want to be stylish, you need to maintain your personal style, not just imitate the style sported by some famous personality. Read more on haircuts.


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