Carrie Underwood the winner of the year

Carrie Underwood the winner of the year and American Idol, was in the magazine 'People' also selected at the 100 most beautiful people in the world, and although it described as a nice, she recognizes that she is still nervous, when it comes on the red carpet: "When I see the photos, I feel better.« Maybe miss Underwood will joined the R & B star, Chris Brown, in the song "Trapped in a Dream, 'which was written for his next studio album." Perhaps we will see Carrie, or anyone else, which is similar to her, "said Robert Allen, producer and song writer who is currently working with Brown.
When we talked about the new sound, the Allen added that it’s like a fairy tale, and "every one can feel in such a way that there does not want those dreams to send away. Everyone dreams, but then wake up and forget it. This time you will wake up and still dreaming.


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